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2 months ago

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Courtesy: Ali Al Enezi

Case Presentation:
65 years old
• Non smoker
• Don’t have history with any systemic disease or allergy.
• Only complain from Peptic ulcer.
• Medications: omeprazole 1-2/day.

Past Dental History:
Patient lost some of my posterior teeth long time ago. And now wants it to be replaced
• He is not able to eat properly .
This was since he lost some of his posterior teeth.
• Chief complaint Expectations to have the best available treatment option for his teeth. He want it to be (fixed).

Clinical Examination Extra-oral exam
• Nothing abnormal was detected. No sign of Pain or tenderness in the head and neck area.
TMJ: no clicking or tenderness in TMJ area or muscles of mastication.

Intra- oral examination:
• Fair Oral hygiene. Staining & general plaque accumulation.
Normal pocket depth around his teeth (1-3 mm). Generalized mild to moderate gingival recession in upper and lower teeth.

plaque induced gingivitis.
secondary caries. 38,36,47
: Loss of teeth due to extraction: 15,14,37,35,44,45,47
: fractured DB cusp : 17
: Chronic apical periodontitis 41 521.20: Abrasion in the buccal surface 16,34,44

chief complaint - not eating properly since he lost multiple posterior teeth.
- Ugly smile - Many missing and heavily restored teeth
- Discolored upper incisor Main problems

Treatment options
• Single implants restoration
• Removable denture
• Fixed bridge restoration

Treatment Procedures
Disease Control Phase
• Patient motivation & Oral hygiene instructions.
• scaling and root planning. dental polishing
• endodontic treatment for 41
• Composite restorations : 17,16,27, 38.
• Referral to the hygienist for oral hygiene care.

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