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3 months ago

Tooth #19 - It Looks Good..But Failing!

Courtesy: Dr Rico D. Short

Just because it looks good on the X-ray and you got a “puff💨” don’t mean it’s going to heal! This was a previous root canal performed by his dentist a few years ago. Patient all of a sudden was in extreme pain and swelling.

The dx was acute apical abscess. A retreament was in his best interest.
The canals were previously filled with Thermofil (I retreat those the most). The Thermofil carriers were removed using heat, chloroform, and headstroms. CaOH2 was placed. Patient returned in 2 weeks and I finished the case with gutta percha using warm vertical condensation and ZOE sealer. The last x-ray was a 6 month recall showing very nice healing.
#WorthSaving #Retreatment

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