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Debunking the top misconceptions about electronic claims

Are you one of the few dental practices still producing paper claims and mailing them to payers? Is it because of the negative things you've heard about electronic claims? Steve Roberts wants to set the record straight and explains the benefits.

There are tremendous benefits in moving to electronic claims submission, and yet a staggering number of practices still produce paper claims and mail them to payers. Why?

Many practices have preconceived ideas about why electronic claims technology won’t work for their businesses. Some worry about the security aspect of technology, some are concerned it will cost too much, and others think electronic claims technology will take too long to implement.

While it can be challenging to make a shift in daily operations, consider that electronic claims are not a new concept. In fact, they have been around for years and have seen significant adoption among practices. In 2015, approximately 74% of all claims used the HIPAA standard electronic dental claim format.

If your practice is still printing and mailing dental claims to payers, and spending hours tracking down status updates, additional documentation, and payments, there is an easier, more cost-effective way. Let’s debunk some of the common misconceptions around moving to electronic claims, and let’s get your practice moving toward substantial benefits for the future.

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