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2 months ago

Block Bone Grafting – Full Arch Restoration

Courtesy: Dr BS Ubhi

All types of bone grafting procedures from using guided bone regenerative techniques to block bone grafting (Chin or mandible) are carried out at the practice. When using these techniques the patient is usually sedated for a more comfortable procedure. Sinus grafting is also carried out where there is limited bone volume in the posterior maxilla to place implants. The augmentation can be done using either autogenous bone graft or using a substitute usually a xenograft material (Bio-Oss).

Case Overview
This patient was referred for implant therapy as she has completely failed upper dentition. The implants were placed 15 years earlier but were affected by peri-implantitis. The full mouth clearance and implant removal were followed by block bone grafting in the upper incisor region prior to any implant therapy.
Sinus grafting is also carried out where there is limited bone volume in the posterior maxilla…..
After maturation of the graft 6 implants were placed and restored with 12 unit fixed screw-retained bridgework. The final picture was taken after 4 years in function.

The upper arch is unrestorable with failed bridgework and dental implants.

After full clearance & bone augmentation, computer guided surgical guides were used for optimal positioning of the dental implants.

The upper jaw shows 6 dental implants placed & restored with 12 tooth bridge & lower left molars replaced with 2 dental implants.

The final smile shows the beautiful porcelain fixed bridge with an extremely happy patient. This picture was taken in 2006.

Clinical Prognosis
The long term prognosis is dependant on both the planning, execution and maintenance of the bridgework and dental implants. The planning stage was carried over a number of visits including CT scans and nothing was rushed. The actual treatment time was just over 9 months and the final bridge was fitted in 2006. This bridge has given over 11 years (as of 2018) of service with no complications with any of the implants. The patient is reviewed twice yearly for a complete dental examination and dental hygiene. The patient is extremely happy with the outcome as we are also .

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