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Why Missed Calls Could Spell Trouble for your Dental Office?

Regardless of what business you run, customers always want a prompt response and immediate solution to their problems. This is especially true if you’re running a dental office. Imagine if one of your patients is in excruciating pain, and they would like to seek immediate assistance – only to find that no one picks up the phone in your office. Imagine how frustrated and angry they would feel?

The Importance of Phone Calls
You might not believe it, but around 80% of business communication occurs through the telephone. Most dental practices nowadays have a “click-to-call” widget on their websites for booking an appointment. According to Google, 70% of mobile searchers often end up calling a business from the ads that appear in the search. But imagine their frustration and disappointment when they call and no one answers – or hangs up too soon!

When a prospective patient calls, your staff has only a few seconds to impress them – and convince them to book an appointment. Did you know that around 87% of new patients directed to a voicemail, put on hold, or not appropriately greeted, never call back! Imagine the revenue you could generate if your staff could attend those calls – and convert them into new appointments? On the other hand, 86% of customers are willing to pay 25% more if they have a positive customer service experience.

The Cost of Missing Phone Calls!
Most dental office managers believe that missed calls are not a big issue. While dentists and dental office managers strive to provide top-notch services to their patients who are already inside the office, they often overlook the importance of telephonic communication.

The fact is that each call your staff misses can cost you in the form of your reputation and lost revenues. According to the latest statistics, an average dental office in North America answers 80% of their calls from prospective patients. Out of which, the staff can convert less than half of them into new or emergency dentist appointment. On the other hand, the top 10% of dental practices respond to about 95% of the calls and have a conversion rate of about 75%.

Why Dental Offices Miss Calls from Patients?
There are several reasons why your staff is unable to attend to all the calls received at your dental office. Some of them include:

1. Understaffed office – when you do not have sufficient staff at your practice, they would be mostly engaged in performing essential tasks like handling paperwork, assisting the dentist, or sterilizing the equipment – and they will not have time to attend to patient phone calls.

2. Insufficient Training – even if your staff manages to attend every call they receive, if they are not properly trained in telephonic etiquettes, they will not be able to effectively convert each call into a new patient. If the callers are not greeted warmly or if their query is not answered effectively, they will ultimately hang-up.

3. Faulty System – in many cases, dentists do not even realize that their telephone line is not working – until they are made aware of it by an angry patient who manages to walk-in directly into your office – to complain.

4. Voicemail – patients seek quick answers and solutions; they do not like being put on hold for too long, or hearing a voicemail after 35-40 seconds of ringing. When this happens, patients normally hang-up, and switch to another practice that offers a better customer communication experience.

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