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Quality checks for your PPE kit

As of now, there are four laboratories in the country which have the Synthetic Blood Penetration Resistance Test facilities as well as necessary approvals for conducting tests and certification for PPE required for Covid-19.

These are

1) South India Textiles Research Association (SITRA), Coimbatore,

2) Defence Research and Development Establishment (DRDE), Gwalior, and

two laboratories under Ordnance Factory Board –

3)Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi and

4)Small Arms Factory, Kanpur.

For each such test conducted in respect of a fabric and the PPE Coverall garment, for which prototype samples are sent by the respective manufacturers, a Unique Certification Code (UCC-COVID19) is generated. This code has records of the type of fabric, type of garment, its date of testing, testing standard and other relevant particulars.

Please check the test reports from verified labs before you buy any product.

The pandemic has given rise to lot of fake products.

Most of the sellers don't even know the importance of these tests.

Don't indulge in Panic Buying.

Important tests for masks :
1) BFE : Bacterial Filtration Effeciency
2) PFE : Particle Filtration Effeciency
3) Splash Resistance
4) Breathing Resistance
5) Flammability.

Courtesy; Dr Karnav Patel.

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